The Magic of Cerec!

What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for “CERamic REConstruction.” This is a method of dentistry that uses digitized design and manufacturing to create customized dental reconstructions. Ceramic dental reconstruction includes crowns, inlays, outlays, and veneers.

Using CEREC to digitally map the inside of your mouth, your dentist can order and create a ceramic reconstruction custom-fitted to your tooth in a single visit. This technology was developed in 1985, has become more and more advanced over the years, and has a great track record as a safe and effective method of creating reconstructions.

When is CEREC used?

Because CEREC is used to make ceramic dental reconstructions, it’s a great tool for inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers. When a tooth is damaged by decay or trauma, a ceramic reconstruction protects the structure of your tooth and improves its appearance.

Your dentist will use CEREC to digitally map out the new reconstruction based on the shape of your tooth. This process is painless and avoids the discomfort of having an impression made. The digital information is then sent to a machine that creates the requested reconstruction out of ceramic in just a few minutes.

Why is CEREC a good option?

CEREC is a great option for several reasons. Most obviously, this method allows for the most quick and convenient fitting. Rather than waiting several weeks for a crown to be created in a lab and sent back to the office, your dentist is able to create and place the reconstruction in a single visit. This way, you avoid the discomfort of having a physical impression made of your tooth, and you no longer have to wait weeks for your new fitting while wearing a temporary crown.

Additionally, whereas dental reconstructions are sometimes made of amalgam or gold, ceramic is the material most like an actual tooth, both physically and in appearance. And because the CEREC technology has been here for 30 years, we have hundreds of clinical studies showing that reconstructions created by CEREC are safe and extremely durable over the course of several years, provided that you follow good dental hygiene practices.

Does every dental office offer CEREC?

No–many dentists use CEREC, but some offer only lab-made reconstructions. Although both are reliable, safe, and effective methods of creating fittings, we offer CEREC to provide our patients with the newest technology and the most efficient option for dental reconstructions.