Cerec Dental Crowns Restoration

A damaged tooth can be easily repaired with the placement of a dental crown. When you choose the CEREC system for tooth restoration, your porcelain crowns are fabricated and inserted in one dental appointment! The convenience of eliminating a second office visit is a great benefit of CEREC. Other benefits of choosing CEREC include:

  • Reliable technology – The CEREC system has been tested and used for decades as a safe, effective method of tooth restoration.
  • A natural look – With the CEREC system, you no longer need silver fillings; instead, a color that matches your teeth is used.
  • Eliminate the need for impressions – When the CEREC system is used, your mouth is mapped out digitally. This enables you to avoid the discomfort associated with impressions.
  • Durability – The process and bonding techniques associated with the CEREC system help ensure more permanent results.
  • More comfortable experience–With the CEREC system, you have a more comfortable experience because you no longer need a second appointment, which means less shots and less chance for problems by wearing a temporary crown for a few weeks.

This convenient approach to tooth restoration is now available at Bridgeport Family Dental. Let us use the CEREC system to give you the beautiful smile that you deserve!