Your Smile Vs. Your Confidence

The act of smiling is often an automatic reaction for people. We were taught as babies that smiling is a sign of happiness, approval and all sorts of positive emotions. What you may not know about smiling is that it’s also connected with self-esteem, confidence and defeating depression and anxiety. Just the act of smiling is enough to release endorphins, which are chemicals released during exercise that help you feel better. Of course, feeling comfortable smiling is a big reason why you want to smile at all, and proper dental care is a huge part of that.

Smile To Make More Friends

Keeping your countenance serious might imply that you’re reserved and closed off from other people, or, perhaps, that you outright dislike them. Smiling at others makes you more attractive to people and makes it more likely that they will want to keep talking to you. You’ll see the difference between a friendly smile and a serious face when you’re meeting a new person. They will feel they can trust you more easily because you won’t seem guarded. Befriending others will help you become more confident and secure.

Confidence in your smile can only improve your life, and keeping your teeth looking nice will help you be more willing to smile. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly will help your teeth look healthier. Avoiding drinking too much coffee and smoking tobacco will also keep them whiter for longer.

Dental Work And Whitening

If you’re insecure about your smile because your teeth are crooked or yellow, it’s only natural that you may not want to smile very much. With all the benefits of smiling, consider fixing those problems so that you’ll feel more confident in your smile and your life. Consider visiting an orthodontist to see how braces could work for you. You might try other teeth-straightening products, like Invisalign, which provides a clear device so you won’t feel self-conscious about traditional braces.

Either way, you will likely feel more confident with straight teeth. The next step is dental whitening. Teeth whitening is fairly safe, and many dentists carry teeth whitening and bleaching products. It should only take a few weeks before you have your own pearly whites that you can show off to everyone.

Taking proper care of your teeth and understanding the benefits of smiling will help you feel more confident and land that job or make new friends. Start smiling now!