Do You Have To Smile At Your Job?

Some jobs require a professional disposition and involve serious work. This means you might be focused at your desk all day and you might not interact with many other people. Despite how serious work can be, however, it always helps to smile sometimes. At your job, smiling relieves tension and makes you accessible to your coworkers and your boss. Plus, smiling makes it seem like you’re enjoying your work, even if you really aren’t. That’s the impression you want to give to upper management.

Though smiling is generally not a requirement at a job, unless you are in customer service, it benefits your own psyche as well.  Smiling to yourself will improve your mood, especially in a stressful moment. In addition, smiling and laughing have been shown to improve your health, such as increase your white blood cell count. Smiling may even lead to a longer life because your mental and physical health improves. Try smiling while you’re in the middle of a big project. It might seem unfathomable at the time, but smiling will break you out of your rut and have you feeling better. Those positive emotions will allow you to re-focus and dedicate yourself to your work without feeling depressed or anxious.

Smiling at your managers is also good to do during the workday. As said before, it’ll make you look like you enjoy your work. Managers may also take more of a liking to you and help you with your projects or treat you more nicely. Everyone likes to have a happy coworker around, not one who looks sad or stressed. Smiling fosters relationships with those you work with, especially if you’re all working on a group project and can benefit from a personal connection with your coworkers. Smiling endears yourself to them and will ensure a better working relationship, which in turn will make you happier at your job. See how that works?

Getting a great smile to use at work may involve some dental care, such as flossing and brushing regularly, and going to your dentist for check-ups. Healthy teeth and gums will lead to a more confident smile, so you’ll be more willing to do it more often. Smiling at work can be hard at times when you are under a lot of pressure, but even attempting it will help you turn your frown upside down naturally. Break out your smile at work today!