3 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

Do you want a bright, dazzling smile? A walk down the dental aisle at the grocery store will uncover many at-home teeth whitening kits that promise good results. But, do these do-it-yourself solutions work?

The truth is that professional teeth whitening is much better than drugstore products. Here are three reasons why you should choose a professional service instead of a low-quality alternative:

1. Protect Your Teeth and Gums

Did you know that some teeth whitening treatments can cause damage to your teeth and gums? Certain products can wear down tooth enamel. As a result, your teeth will have a higher risk for decay and other dental problems.

The gums can also be negatively impacted by improper teeth whitening techniques. If the whitening products come in contact with your gums, then you will experience gum sensitivity and pain as a result of the irritation.

Instead of risking your dental health, it is better to talk with a dentist about professional teeth whitening treatments. A professional service will ensure that the products are used correctly to reduce the risk of tooth and gum damage.

2. Faster Results and Long-Lasting Color

A dentist can use stronger whitening agents that aren’t available for over-the-counter purchase. Since the professional treatment is done with the best products available, you will receive fast results. A single teeth whitening treatment can change your teeth so that they are noticeably whiter.

In comparison, over the counter teeth whitening kits require ongoing use before you will notice a difference. The color change is gradual, so you need to be patient if you choose a home treatment. Additionally, it is necessary to continue with these low-quality DIY kits for an extended period to maintain the brightness that you desire.

3. Consistent Color with Dental Restorations

When you use tooth whitening products, the treatment does not change the color of the dental restorations within your mouth. For example, the whitening treatment will not affect crowns or dental implants. A DIY tooth whitening kit will brighten up your natural teeth, and it will look strange to have a few discolored teeth in your mouth.

If these dental restorations are stained, then the dentist might need to use different techniques to brighten the color of the dental restoration. Your dentist will be able to offer the best treatment solutions to help you achieve a beautiful smile.

For more information about teeth whitening or other cosmetic dental treatments, we invite you to contact our office today. Call us to schedule an appointment so that you can learn about the many options that are offered to improve your smile.